Sweet Carolina

This face.  Also, how small do they make baby Wayfarers? 

Tonight’s beach walk: Wrigs made a new friend, Summer guarded the beach, and Nora wore a big hat.

An accurate representation of our 2 pups.

This picture from our wedding has hung on our fridge for 5 years now, along with our save-the-date card and wedding invitation.  I’ve packed it and unpacked it with the refrigerator magnets in 4 different places.  It’s been splattered by delicious meals made for 2 to celebrate 1, 2, 3, and 4 years of marriage, and I still glance at it each morning as I rush around getting ready for the day.  It’s been joined by photos, tickets, and programs of great memories and travels with great family and friends. The best part of the last 5 years has been adding our little bug’s birth announcement to the top row, along side the picture of one of the happiest days of my life (wedding and birth of Nora tie for number 1). 

In 5 years we’ve traveled near and far, adding a few new stamps to our passports and revisiting some of our favorite places (I’m looking at you Durham). The days of late night dance parties have become less frequent as we get more early morning smiles from a little girl who melts our heart each day (but we still have our dance-pants tucked away!)  

This morning I tried to capture our little family in 1 frame as we hit the dog beach-wishful thinking with a hungry 7 week old and 2 pups that have been couped up in a city house between rain storms for the last 2 days. But, I wouldn’t trade these days or the last 5 years for anything.

Happy 5 years my love-here’s to (at least) 50 more. 

This weekend was filled with sunshine, finding off leash dog beaches, baby kisses, and delicious bagels worth the 20 minutes of standing in line. (Unfortunately lacking in the study category…)

If Harold and the Purple Crayon were required reading for the second year of medical school I’d be golden…
First day back at school and desperately missing this face…

Win of the day-Dan brought me Starbucks after his morning dog walk and Nora slept while I enjoyed fried eggs (how I missed sunny side up eggs!!).

Also noteworthy-our little peanut is 4 weeks old today!


(via Summer Crostini Party)

One of each please-hold the sardine. 


(via Summer Crostini Party)

One of each please-hold the sardine. 

(via birchbox)

This little peanut is 16 days old and all I want to do is stare at her sweet face and watch her sleep. She has the cutest button nose and extra long legs and she is healthy and perfect. 

We are incredibly blessed.